The Ocean - an oilfield that never runs dry

Kaiyo Tech is developing a revolutionary new method of growing marine algae for use in biofuels

Why algae?

Microalgae are the fastest growing organisms on the planet. Many species will double in number every day. This means that one acre of algae can generate 1.5x as much vegetable oil each week as one acre of canola generates once a year.

What makes us different?

Our technology meets Mother Nature halfway by growing algae in their natural environment: the ocean. Past algae startups have genetically engineered algae to suit the installation, while we are engineering the installation to suit the algae.

Is this just for fuel?

Algae aren't only useful for fuels. Algae oil could replace most generic vegetable oils such as palm oil at half the price, freeing up 15% of farmland and reducing the incentive to destroy rainforests.

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